Product Overview

The DEU100/GP and /GM modules are voice security modules for Motorola Professional Radios GP140, GP328, HT750, PRO5150, GP338, HT1250, PRO7150, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP680, GM140, CDM750, PRO3100, GM160, CDM1250, PRO5100, GM338, GM340, GM360, GM380.

Radio firmware

The radio must have the proper radio firmware version in order the module to operate properly. Note that the radio firmware version is not the CPS software version. The version number is located on the back side of the radio chassis.

For 5 Tone radios (GP/GM 340, 360, 380) the firmware version must be R03.01.25 or higher.

For MDC radios (GP/GM 140,160, GP 328/338, HT/CDM…, PRO…)  the firmware version must be R05.00.03 or higher.

It is recommended the radio to be upgraded to the latest version available for the particular model.


General Specifications
Size (LxWxD) 45 х 54 х 5 mm
Operating Temperature -30° to +60°C
Receive Secret /Clear 5 to 2000 mV P-P
Transmit Secret /Clear 5 to 2000 mV P-P
Supply Voltage +3.3 V (for portable) or

+5V (for mobile)

Current Drain No more 30 mA
Width of Frequency band of output signal 2024 Hz
Subcarrier frequencies of output signal 1228, 1312, 1412, 1788, 1988 Hz
Frequency band of output signal

at Subcarrier frequency

1228 Hz

1312 Hz

1412 Hz

1788 Hz

1988 Hz



_____________________________________216…2240 Hz

_____________________________________300…2324 Hz

_____________________________________400…2424 Hz

_____________________________________776…2800 Hz

976…3000 Hz


Secret /Clear Switch Options Available
Secret /Clear Indication Available
Programming Method via special  programming tool RDM9 – outside of a radio;

via radio’s programming tool – inside of a radio;

Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) (optional, for Secret/Digital Encryption Mode only)

Configuration Software Config
Keyload Software Keyloader (for Secret/Digital Encryption Mode only)


Security Specifications
Modes Secret/Digital Encryption Mode

Secret/Double Inversion Mode*

Secret/Single Inversion Mode*

Clear Mode

Encryption Algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
Availabled length of key 256 bit (more than 10^77 combinations)
Vocoder MELP2400
Transmit Secret /Clear Manual Select
Receive Secret /Clear Programmabled Choise: Automatic or No
Max number of keys 16


Radio System Management (DS System)

(optional, for Secret/Digital Encryption Mode only)

Signaling Method DS-1200
PTT-ID (ANI) 5 digit, 00001 to 99999
Programming Feature

Required Modem

Keyload and Control Software

OTAR (Rekey)

Enable/Disable Radio (Restrict)

Inventory (Check)


Listen (Spy)



OES Software


Yes, separately Transmit and Receive Mode