Product Overview

SmartPlanes is one of the leading manufacturer from Sweden for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), for surveying. remote sensing and surveillance, equipped with high-resolution cameras or other sensors that form an easy-to-use and efficient tool for aerial surveying and Mapping work .Smartplanes develops high quality commercial drones. Smart planes develop precise results in an efficient and safe way.
Smart planes can be a good drone –
Resilience, build strength
• Hand crafted, Swedish engineering
• Heat laminated composite material on top of carbon fiber reinforced EPP

  •  Acts like an exoskeleton, and ads scratch resistance

• Vacuum molded Lexan fuselage

  •  Strong and flexible

• Limited use of moving and protruding parts, i.e. compact build, decreases risk of critical damage
• Position of propeller
• Will at cruise speed never exceed 150J of kinetic energy, i.e. the equivalent of a football (US soccer) travelling 50 mph or 80km/h (average penalty kick)
• Complies with less than a 1% chance of Abbreviated Injury Scale1 (AIS) level 3 or greater, thanks to very low weight and design properties

  •  Falls apart on impact, dispersing energy
  •  Blunt, shock absorbing structure, absorbing energy

• Position of propeller
• Solution oriented (Surveying, Surveillance, Agriculture…..)
• Easily deployed, no need for external launch mechanisms or parachute solutions
• Exceptional endurance, up to 102 minutes of flight, while hand launched
• Area coverage, i.e. flies longer with less energy consumption than multirotors, making it ideal for larger area surveying missions and so called corridor mapping

  •  180ha/445 acres at 120m/400 feet above ground level (AGL)


• Low vibration
• Good adverse weather resistance (wind, precipitation, temperature)
• Easy to operate
• Diverse sensor capabilities, RGB, Multispectral, Thermal, NIR
• Highly accurate differential GPS, Post Processed Kinematic (PPK)
• Guaranteed upgradability
Cost of ownership
• 5+ year life expectancy
• Budget conscious
• ECO friendly