Product Overview

A Field Testing Kit For Bullet Hole Identification.

The identification of bullet holes and of marks produced by projectiles is imperative in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms. Such bullet-holes are usually characterized by the presence of metals (mainly lead and copper), originating from the bullet’s outer surfaces, in the margins of these holes. The morphology of the hole alone can often lead to erroneous results. IDenta designed the BTK to minimize and eradicate such errors.

The identification of bullet-holes on various surfaces, including bullet type, direction and caliber.

Lead and copper are the main components of bullet cores and jackets. A chemical method can be applied in order to detect the metals deposited by the bullet at the edges of the suspected bullet-hole.

BTK enables simple, rapid and reliable identification of suspected bullet holes in the field. The BTK revolutionizes the field task of scene-of-crime units with its sensitive, simple, rapid, precise and reliable operation.