X120GO SLAM Laser Scanner
X120GO SLAM Laser Scanner

Product Overview

Accurate & Versatile

The system has a 360° rotating head, which can generate a 360°x270° point cloud coverage. Combined with the industry-level SLAM algorithm, it can obtain high-precision three-dimensional point cloud data of the surrounding environment without light and GPS. Equipped with three 5MP cameras to generate a 200°FOV horizontal and 100°FOV vertical, capable of synchronously obtaining texture information and producing colour point clouds and partial panoramic images.

X120GO can use GOapp to check and manage projects which will be updated and displayed synchronously. Real-time SLAM mapping and preview can be achieved via GOapp.

GOpost can perform post-processing of collected data, generate high-precision and high-definition color point clouds, produce partial panoramic images, display point cloud and perform optimization processing.

X120GO has an integrated structure design with a built-in control and storage system and built-in replaceable lithium batteries. Once pressed the start button, X120GO can start operations immediately, making data acquisition more efficient and convenient.

You can manage your point clouds in the office with our Cube-3d and Stonex Reconstructor Software or, if you need something different, you can use PointCab. Thanks to the collaboration between Stonex and PointCab, you can process X120GO data with it.


No more multiple scan station, just move around the scene to collect the entire 3D point cloud, without time-consuming cloud to cloud alignment. Download the full data right after the capture.


Combine indoor & outdoor data, even in the most demanding environments


± 5 degrees tilt supplement angle for precise leveling. A 360° one-stop scan requires only 45s


Three integrated 5MP cameras are able to cover the wide field of view of the scanner, obtaining coloured point cloud and panoramic images.


X120GO comes with a dedicated range of accessories

Bundled Software

GOapp is dedicate mobile application for X120GO, to manage projects, real time point cloud display, image preview, firmware upgrade and other operations. The APP runs on Android operating system.

GOpostWindows post processing software which performs optimization processing, colouring of point clouds and creation of panoramic images. You can also import control points to georeference the point cloud.

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