VIY5-1500 GPR

Product Overview

The VIY5-1500 GPR is suitable for concrete structure inspection and searching of both metallic and dielectric objects (cracks, voids, rebars, etc.).

Basic applications:

• Concrete and brick structure inspection;
• Cable and pipes detection
• Examination of engineering construction (building walls and fondations, etc);
• Search for reinforcement rods in building constructions;
• Search for hidden and immured objects.


• Real time signal pre-processing (Online filtering)
• Auto-calibrated online filters
• Wide range of post processing tools
• Increased dynamic range due to digital traces-stacking
• Innovative Telbin technology to get high signal-to-noise ratio
• Connection to laptop: USB
• No additional Control Unit. Any Windows-based laptop can be used for working
• Antenna case: IP65 compliant
• Not need battary, powered from computer's USB port
• Low power consumption


• Antenna frequencies: 1500MHz
• Analogue-to-Digital Converter range: 18 bit
• Dynamic range: not less than 135 dB
• Data acquisition rate: up to 150 traces per second
• Survey window: 8, 12, 16, 20 nsec
• Maximum number of samples per trace: 1 000
• Trace stacking number: up to 300
• Depth of sounding: up to 0,5 m (determined by soil properties)
• Spatial resolution: <0.03 m
• Trigger mode: single, internal, external
• File size of a single profile: up to 1 000 000 traces
• Interface: USB2
• Built-in inclinometer
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 190x40x40 mm
• Weight of antenna 0,6 kg
• Operating temperature range: -20°C to 40°C
• Environmental rating: IP65
• Continuous operation timt: until the laptop runs out

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